The Vapur Anti-bottle has arrived in South Africa!! Unlike anything seen before, the Vapur Anti-bottle is the worlds most portable water bottle.

How is this so? Simple! The anti bottle is designed to fold up when not in use while standing steadily with any amount of contents. It is made from a super strong flexible plastic that is incredibly light so that you only carry the weight of the water, not the bottle! They are of course all BPA free and incorporate the new Supercap!

To top it all off the Anti-bottle comes with a quick release clip to easily attach it to your bag, belt, saddle, or just about anything you can find to keep it as accessible as possible.

Find a bottle that works for you. Each design comes in a range of attractive colors to suit performance athletes, outdoor adventurers, fitness buffs and even the kiddies.

Be part of this incredible revolution in hydration!

Live Flexible!

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